Company Introduction

Business Areas

EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)

Capability of the electric/electronic devices in the typical environment of electro-magnetic wave usage, to operate according to designed level or performance without experiencing degradation due to electronic, magnetic trouble or by causing damage to other electric/electronic devices within the predetermined safety scope.
EMC is divided into the EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) which occurred in the electro-magnetic device(s) affecting outside and the EMS (Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility) which occurred outside and affect electro-magnetic device(s).
To resolve these problems, test and certification should be accomplished according to specification, code and standard, and legislation of each country.

DSC_01843 m Semi Anechoic Chamber 1 ( RE, CE, MFE )
DSC_01893 m Semi Anechoic Chamber 2 ( RI, RE, CE, MFE )
DSC_0304Shielded room 1 ( BCI, FMI )
DSC09484Shielded room 2 ( TI, CTE )
DSC_0183Shielded room 3 ( ESD, CE )
DSC_0183Shielded room 4 ( EMI Scanner )

Testing Equipment

  • Shield Chamber 1Shield Chamber 1
  • Shield Chamber 2Shield Chamber 2
  • Shield Chamber 3Shield Chamber 3
  • Shield Chamber 4Shield Chamber 4
  • 3D Chamber 13D Chamber 1
  • 3D Chamber 23D Chamber 2

Business areas of the are research and development services providing Total Solutions during development of car electronics, and act as a proxy certification of electro-magnetic waves and tests of reliability.

Position in the Industry

  1. Planning of product
  2. development of product
  3. pre-production
  4. test(ing)
  5. certification
  6. mass production
ㆍBefore Service
- Provision of information, pre-test
ㆍMain Service
- Technical assistance
ㆍAfter Service
- Complementary supplementation of technology

Business area

Research and development
testing and certification

Characteristics of business areas

ㆍResearch phase (development service)
development of prototype, noise reduction
circuit design, PCB Artwork
ㆍMass production phase (development)
- Support for DV and PV test
- Competitive design
  • ㆍRE (Radiated Emission)
  • ㆍCE Conducted Emission)
  • ㆍESD (Electrostatic Discharge)
  • ㆍCTE (Conducted Transient Emission)
  • ㆍRI (Radiated Immunity)
  • ㆍCTI (Conducted Transient Immunity)

Electronic components Product Development

Future vehicles will ultimately become electronically instrumented after electronization.
Revotech Co.,consists of professional engineers, who are well-aware of characteristics of electronic equipment and vehicle,
will help you with development of future vehicle.

Electronic units hardware design

Electronic components hardware design

  • Vehicle electronic units specifications
    • Hardware design specifications / product specifications / Reliability test standards and etc. Electronic components circuit design & trial product production
  • Electronic components circuit design & trial product production
    • Main component selection (microcomputer, FET, and etc.)
    • Circuit design
    • PCB artwork
    • Trial product making
    • Basic functionality verification support
  • Electromagnetic waves simulation & solution consideration
    • EMI simulation using electromagnetic waves software
    • Testing equipment design & making
    • Performance test & reliability equipment specifications & equipment setup
    • DV / PV test & vehicle test F/Up
  • OEM business response
    • Approval submission / ESIR response
Electronic units software design

Electronic components software design

  • Vehicle electronic components software specifications
  • Software implementation (fall safe logic included)
  • Self-diagnosis & communication implementation
  • DV / PV & vehicle test F/Up
  • Logic tuning SW action
Equipment design

Equipment design

  • Equipment design & production
    • Drawing
    • Case design
    • Component design
  • Thermal analysis & radiant heat design
  • Mold design
  • Mass production quality nurturing
Development Consulting & Solution

Development Consulting & Solution

  • Research stage (service development)
    • - PROTO product design by reflecting customer requirement
    • - Expecting effect of development period reduction by providing solution of noise reduction circuit design, PCB artwork and instrument solution
  • Product consulting in conformity with domestic and international standards change
    • - Various support from initial development stage of pre-examination, attendance test, and post maintenance in accordance with electronic components standards change (GaKaL), to approval
    • - Various support of service and project operation

Mass Production Support

  • Unit cost competitiveness product design through securing mass production
  • OEM action project schedule management
  • Optimized circuit design through development period reduction & cost saving
  • Mass production DV & PV test
Mass Production Support