Testing Service


What is testing and certification?

Engineering consulting proving to meet required standards specified by each country through testing/inspection/certification of the product.

  • ㆍCore business of the 21st Century to test/measure/certify car electronic units’ fields.
  • ㆍSecured credibility of customers on the company and the products.
  • ㆍAccurate testing to substantialize stability and effective quality control of car electronic units.
  • ㆍSecure stability of testing and certification devices, guarantee credibility of the company and products, develop high-quality new products.
※Testing and certification business: from the simple test and certification, extended to one-stop service including customs clearance for export.

Provision of information, pre-test

Before Sevice
  • Product
  • Development
  • Development of prototype

Security Technology Resource

Main Service
  • Testing
  • development

Provision of local information

After Service
  • Mass production
  • customs clearance for export

Local sales


Play a pivotal role to mediate and increase credibility on the product between the customers, manufacturers, and certification agencies. Decrease investment of manufacturer on infrastructure to concentrate on the R&D. Shorten certification process.

Why should select REVOTECH to conduct test and certification?

  • ㆍProvide test certification service through leading technology of domestic vehicle electronic units.
  • ㆍEngineer group with the best know-how in the business community
    • - more than 30% of the total employee are manager class with more than 15 years in career.
  • ㆍProvide total solution in testing and development and R&D with board members mainly from Hyundai Mobis and Mando, leading companies in car electronic units
  • ㆍPossess testing facilities covering the whole vehicle electric unit industry
  • ㆍInfrastructure optimized for maintaining security of customer companies
    • - CCTV, control of research room
    • - Practice of technology loss prevention system

Verification process of electro-magnetic wave

Verification process of electro-magnetic wave
  • Verification process of electro-magnetic wavePCE측정
  • Verification process of electro-magnetic waveSCE측정
  • Verification process of electro-magnetic waveRE측정
  • Verification process of electro-magnetic waveEMI분석
  • Verification process of electro-magnetic waveDebugging
  • Verification process of electro-magnetic wave분석보고서

Our test assessment services are divided into three categories

Testing and Verification

ㆍTo test and verify the quality and electronic safety of your electric/electronic products to comply with the electronic standards and regulations given by OEM


ㆍTo demonstrate that your electronic products are compliant with national standards (KOLAS) or OEM’s regulations.


ㆍTo provide consultation for automobile electronic products not to comply with the given standards in order to pass them.

CE (Conducted Emission):Measuring noise by electromagnetic waves transmission – CISPR 25

ㆍTest and certificate electromagnetic emission transmitted along power or signal line

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge):Electrostatic tolerance test (Power On/Off) – ISO10605

ㆍTest and certificate immune performance of electrostatic effect

CTE (Conducted Transient Emission):Measuring conducted transient noise – ISO7637-2

ㆍTest and certificate immune performance of electronic components by transient voltage from inductive load

RI (Radiated Immunity):Electromagnetic waves radiated immune test – ISO 11452-2, 4, 8

ㆍTest and certificate immunity performance of electric/ electronic components by external interruption of electromagnetic wave

ㆍTesting items: BCI (Bulk Current injection), ALSE, Magnetic Field, interruption/interference by GSM/radio test

RE (Radiated Emission):Electromagnetic radiation noise measurement – CISPR 25

ㆍTesting and certifying signals or interference waves propagated from the source of radiation to space

CE (Conducted Emission):Electromagnetic wave transient noise measurement – CISPR 25

ㆍTesting and certifying electromagnetic emissions transmitted along power lines or signal lines.

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge):Static tolerance testing(Power On/Off) – ISO10605

ㆍTesting and certifying tolerance of electrical products by static electricity

CTE (Conducted Transient Emission):Transient excessive noise measurement – ISO7637-2

ㆍTesting and certifying tolerance of electrical equipment against transient voltage generated from inductive load

RI (Radiated Immunity):Electromagnetic radiation tolerance test - ISO 11452-2, 4, 8

ㆍTesting and certifying tolerance of electric / electronic parts against electromagnetic interference from outside

ㆍTest items: Bulk current injection (BCI), ALSE, magnetic field, GSM / Radio transceiver test

CTI (Conducted Transient Immunity <Power, Signal>) – ISO 7637-2, 3

ㆍTesting and certifying tolerance of electrical equipment against instantaneous pulse voltage flowing into power line or signal line